Tuesday, 25 February 2014

'Question 4'

Question 4 ' How did you use the media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?'

For my research I used websites such as Google, Facebook and YouTube. I believe that these three websites were most valuable and easy to use whilst conducting my research.With YouTube I found i could access things very easily and had a wide range of things to choose from. I found it allowed me to pick and choose and also allowed a degree of control and choice. I used Facebook for to interact with my focus group and research the chosen genre (those who are in it) I found there was a limitation with this technology as you can only interact with your 'friends' on this social networking sites, as my  friends might not fall into my focus group. I also used Blogger throughout to show my research, planning, construction and evaluation stages. By using the website Blogger I was able to set everything out, in a way which I could understand and be able to organize everything. I was also able to embed videos, photos and screen shots. The website 'Blogger' has easy accessibility for me and others to view the webpage.  

Whilst planning my media products my main technology which I found most available and productive was my mobile phone. By using my mobile phone shows the concept of technological convergence (having most aspects of new technology (photos,internet etc) on one device). On this device I was able to contact my performer and the person I was working with via text or telephone. I was also able to use Blogger, using the app. I had easy access to my photos which I could upload to the website. Overall I found this device reliable
and easy to use for the planning of my media products. During my planning, I also used the website 'TimeToast' this website allowed me to make a detailed time line plan in order to be organized and benefit from my planning.

For the construction of my media products I used the Panasonic, full HD video camera 1080 in order to create the footage for the music video. I used this piece of technology as it allows a wide range of different technologies within the camera. For example I used zoom and main focus on the camera. I alos used Nikon D60 DSLR camera. by using this camera also alowed me to make adjustments and use it to my advantage. I changed the setting the portrait which gave me a shallow depth of feild. These peices of technology gave me the ability to experiment.
Photoshop was what i used for the main construction. These new technologies made it easier to be creative as i was able to use thes technologies wherever i wanted.
Photoshop i constructed my CD cover and magazine advert. using photoship means i can be very creative as there are many tools. the tool i used most was the selection move tool which meant i could move the images, text, symbols etc to be in the exact place i wanted them to be. I also used the horizontal type tool to create text.

Filters is also something that i experimented with in photoshop. Photoshop allow you to use a range of dfferent filtures on your image. I used this to my advantage. This is one i expereimented with which i used a black and grey filter.

When it came to doing my final construction of my final media prodject i also used these filters.

It is clear that using these new technologies and media 2.0 means we can push our work in new directions and be more creative.

For my evaluation stage i used

These are the two technologies which i found i used the most. I think these two websites are easy to use but also means you can be creative with displaying information.

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