Saturday, 22 February 2014

Evaluation 'Question one'

Question one- in what ways does your media product use, develop and challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

It is clear in my music video that I have used forms and conventions of real media products in order to plan and construct my media products for my examination.  When doing research and planning I looked at the genre of my music video and noticed similarities between the videos in that particular genre. I looked at videos such as ‘the scientist’ performed by cold play’ i was also inspired by this video due to the raw emotion being displayed by the main performer/singer

 The simple things I have used  from conducting my research on videos falling in my genre is conventions such as lip syncing and combining narrative and performance. I have also used techniques such as zoom to create a sympathetic and tense effect within my video which reflects their music.
I also researched other videos within my genre and and was inspired by the outside setting, props and costume (mis en scene)

The mis en scene is massively important with music videos in my genre. The props, setting and costume give a massive impact on the mood of the over all piece. I chose to use these conventions to enhance the mood on my video.

The inspiration for the main performer's costume came from one of Taylor Swifts music video 'love story'. In this video she is wearing a white dress, I thought that the colour white looked natural and flawless and would really help with the atmosphere of the video. I then took this idea and developed it further by dressing the performer in a long, royal blue prom dress.

Videos which fall in my genre such as music videos performed by 'Sarah Barielles', 'Taylor swift', 'Cold play' etc, all have a main focus on the singers performance. It is important to stick to my chosen genre this is the audience i am trying to please. Steve Neale quoted genre as 'instances of repetition and difference' . This is also why it is important to research my genre and have simular conotations of that genre. Typical music videos which fall in my genre the performance of the singer is pretty simple, by just using conventions such as lip syncing and looking directly at the camera etc. One of the most important feature is mis en scene. I believe I developed this by taking it to the extreme by having numerous set ups in different locations.

These various different mis en scene clips really create a kind of vintage and airy effect to the video which i believe developed the video and the typical conventions on a music video. In  genre in which my music ideo falls in, it is expected to find alot of the same scenery and back drops. This shows my music video challenging the the forms and conventions of real media products. It also makes the performer/ singer stand out which will have a impact in the music industry. By challenging the forms and conventions of the general music video could be dangerous and it could not appeal to my focus group. However by not challenging the forms and conventions could be seen as to safe and boring (too like an other music video)
My music video is redundant and predictable as the whole feel of the music video is unhappy and has a depressed atmosphere, which is what the actual song and lyrics portray. I also think my music video in entropic in a way as the actions performed by the singer has no relation to the lyrics.

For my CD cover and magazine article I looked at various different artists and real media products. I noticed that msot of the album covers didnt contain much detail other than them focusing at the camera. Or a close up of the performers face.

I used this idea as i believed it looked simple and elegant. I also believe mine and the real media products all have simular features, such as there is simular colour used and simular font type.

when i designed my album article i also used the same idea of keeping the colour scheme and the font style the same, so there is a simular theme running all the way through. I noticed this when researching other album convers and articles and decided to use it. I wanred to use the same colour, font, actor, and backround to make it recognisable.

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