Tuesday, 25 February 2014

'Question 3'

Question 3 - what have you learned from your audience feedback?


I asked my target audience if they would watch the final video and comment on what they thought about it. I asked them a range of question via text and got useful feedback about my final product. I asked four people out of my target audience and also is asked the 15 people who are in my class at college for their feedback. I found the feedback from the people who were in my target audience more useful and detailed as they were the people I was creating the video for and persuading them to buy this media product.

In my class i got everyone to watch the video and write down how they thought it went. the comments were mostley good and posotive. They all said that the mis en scene was good, i had good use of camera angles, however quite a few picked up on the fact some shots went on for quite long and thought this god boring and they lost interest.
I had a couple positive comments on the costume and the lyp syncing and the narative of the video. commenting on the point the video was easy to follow and easy to create a connection and relationship with the performer.

Although the comments i recieved of my classmates i need to ask my target audience how they think the video is. I communicated with my target audience in more deph via text message


Looking at this feedback from my targer audience i have learned that the narrative works well throughout the video. The feedback shows that the narrative helps the bring out the mood and atmosphere that the video gives off. However i have also learned that the performer which you choose for your music video is the most important aspect. it is important that the performer looks convincing. if i were to do this again i would spend more time with the performer really feeling and creating a relationship with the song, i would also work on the the lip sync with the song. i learnt that if the lip sync is not in time it really has a negative effect on the music video. I also learnt that the research of my music video paid of as one of my target audiences mentioned that the video related to Taylor Swift who is also in my genre.

Cd cover/ magazine article

I handed out copies of my CD cover and my magazine article to people who fall in my target audience. I gave them the copy over night so they could have a detailed look at them and give me some detailed feedback.

From this persons feedback i learnt that the overall print project was good, however it didnt really atract my target audience.


Again looking at this feedback i learnt that the colours, which i kept consistant throughout the products was successful and made is recognisable.

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