Thursday, 19 September 2013

Entropy/ Redundancy; Genre

During research it is clear that each genre have different measures of entropy and redundancy and it is important that each genre stick to these measures to appeal to their target audience 

For example 
The artist 'Taylor Swift' will edge allot closer to redundancy to appeal to her younger target audience to allow them to understand her music videos. If she was to edge towards entropy and use strange and unpredictable images her audience would struggle to understand. 

Redundancy and Entropy


' that which is predictable or conventional in a message... redundancy is the result of high predictability' 
Redundancy is what we see as kind of the norm and is necessary in order to make effective communications. 



Entropy is what is not expected, a text is entropic if it contains unpredictable elements

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Illustrative music video

This music video is an example of an illustrative music video as the relationship is strong between the lyrics and the visuals

Disjunctive music video

This music video is an example of a disjunctive music video as the lyrics of the song and the event of the video have no relationship

Realationships between music and visuals

When we looked at the relationships between musical and visuals we used three words to help us describe and indicate what type of a music video we were watching




We then looked at several different music videos and identified them to be either illustrative, amplifying or disjunctive

Genre and Theme

To strart of the research of music videos i looked at different types of genres occuring though various music videos. It is clear that music videos demonstrate genre characteristics for stereotypical boy bands, girl bands, etc. We also researched typical conventions of certain genres we were given. For example i was given the genre of girl bands.

When researching this i chose the girl band 'The Saturdays' music video 'up'

-I saw several group close ups of the band singing together which i think represents friendship and unity.

- There were several cut in's of the singers legs which is indicating the male gaze

- All the group are wearing black dresses which shows femaninity and again unity. They are also wearing bright tights, all having a different colour which shows independence.